Reusable Baby Wipes – Isn’t That A Bit Unhygienic?

‘’Reusable baby wipes, ehm….isn’t that a bit unhygienic?’’

If you’re a cloth nappy kind of parent, you already know the answer: no, it isn’t, not at all. It’s something that needs some getting used to. If you’re just starting out, you could use them for faces and hands only. That will already save a lot of wipes going into landfill, because kids get mucky all day long! In our household, we have a tub full of wipes on the table especially for that. We store them dry and just quickly run them under the tap when we need them. But you could of course make a wet batch every day, ready to use.

Any tub will do for this.

When you’re on the go, wet bags will come in handy. Prepare a batch of wet wipes, make sure they’re not dripping but just wet enough and keep them in a wet bag. Having another wet bag for the dirty ones is helpful, or have some biodegradable nappy sacks with you.

If your wipes are only used for faces and hands, you can simply wash them at 40 degrees with similar colours. If you’ve decided you want to use them for nappy changing as well, you might want to follow these simple steps for washing:

During the day, you can just keep any dirty wipes in a bucket or other container. Very dirty ones might need some rinsing first. Now this might be personal preference,  but I always soak my wipes overnight in an open container with water and a scoop of nappy cleanser. Napisan is great for this, it’s non toxic and it comes in a cardboard box. If you’re all for DIY, there are some recipes out there to make your own cleansers as well though.

Napisan kills all bacteria so after soaking, you can safely put your wipes with your normal laundry, at either 40 or 60 degrees. It’s as simple as that!