Did you know we are a landfill free business?

Did you know that we are a landfill free business?

‘What does that mean?’ You might wonder. Well, as a business we create waste. There is no way around it. We have fabric off cuts from producing our products, and our fabric rolls are delivered wrapped in plastic. It’s a nuisance, but we found a solution.

First of all, our 100% organic cotton kitchen sponges are stuffed with fabric off cuts. That’s half of the fabric waste sorted. The rest gets used to stuff cushions that we and some lovely volunteers make out of leftover fabric that we have lying around ourselves, or that gets donated to us. We also make outdoor cushions and play cushions for kids that we stuff with, yes, plastic. Because any soft plastic works great for this. We also plan to make dog beds in future.

‘What do you do with these cushions then?’

Good question. All our creations get sold, and all the proceeds go to our local foodbank to support struggling families. We love to give something back to the community and this is a great way to solve our waste issue AND feed families in need at the same time.

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