Do It Yourself Skincare.

Do It Yourself Skincare.

There are some lovely plastic packaging free, all natural skin care products out there these days, but they can sometimes be a bit expensive. If you want to go plastic free on a budget, it’s a good idea to get stocked up on some basic ingredients and get cooking yourself.

I will be sharing some recipes on here every now and then that are easy to follow. DIY skincare is great fun, and whilst making some yourself, why not make a little extra to gift to a friend and share the DIY love! Here’s the first, super simple, recipe for a solid lotion bar. Enjoy!


Equipment needed:
-A double boiler or electric chocolate fondue set. You can create a double boiler with 2 pans, one slightly bigger than the other. Have boiling water in the biggest and hang the smallest pan in it so the bottom touches the water.

-A spatula

-An empty lip balm tube or silicone mould

-Some toilet paper to wipe any spills


Ingredients needed:

Equal parts beeswax/cocoa butter/oil. Beeswax can be replaced by candelilla wax, which is vegan. Make sure you use half of it though, as it is a much harder wax. For the oil I like to use coconut oil or a mix of coconut oil and apricot kernel oil, but sunflower oil is a good budget option. Have a bit of a google to see what’s out there.

For a single small tube or mould, use 4 grams of each ingredient. If you want to make a larger, solid bar, 20 grams of each ingredient is a good starting point.

How to make it:

It’s super simple: melt the beeswax first, then add the other ingredients until everything is melted. Pour into your mould or tube and wait till it’s all set. You have to be quick because the beeswax sets really quick (wipe all equipment with toilet paper before washing them, as the ingredients can clog your drains). Put to one side overnight to harden further. If you’ve used a mould, you can take it out and keep it in a tin.

Please note that if you want to pour your lip balm in a tin to apply later with your fingers, you might want to use less beeswax to make a softer balm that’s easier to get out.

For this recipe I have not used any essential oils to keep it super basic. You can of course add these too, make sure to do this at the end so the oils don’t evaporate. Be careful when using essential oils, do some research to make sure you’re using the right amounts.

Peppermint oil is especially nice for a refreshing, invigorating foot balm.

Solid lotion bars are great for hydrating dry skin, especially hands and feet or dry patches.

They make cute little gifts too. Silicone moulds come in all shapes and sizes so get creative.

BUDGET TIP: raw ingredients are cheaper if you buy them in bulk. Buy them with friends to spread the costs and have some fun together making your own skin care products.

Happy DIY!