about head in the woods

August 2018. I found myself getting more and more frustrated about the daily waste my family created without even thinking about it. The throwaway society we live in had almost become the norm, but it was niggling at me. Our habits had to change because, let’s face it, we live in a climate crisis. I started making play cushions for our girls, stuffed with our soft plastic waste. A great start, as at least it didn’t end up in landfill, right? At the same time a plastic free shop was about to open near me. It was just what I needed. We started talking and soon my first product and first stockist were a fact!
From there, my product range grew and will continue to grow. I don’t only focus on replacing single use items, I also love designing practical products that make your life easier, or that just look awesome in your house. I love teaming up with fellow makers to create beautiful gift sets that all come in plastic free, stunning packaging. My brain never stops thinking about new products!

I supply a range of high quality, eco-friendly and sustainable designs which you can find on here as well as in various shops throughout the UK.


Passionate about sewing, always busy thinking of new designs. Mum of 2 crazy girls who keep me on my toes! Trying my best as a low-waster, taking it step by step. I love good food and a nice glass of red.